The Mirabel Mega Mall

First announced over two years ago, construction is beginning on the Lac Mirabel Mega Mall. Twice as large as the West Edmonton Mall, the business plan is simple: Spend hundreds of millions of dollars to create a larger version of something that already exists in Montreal, but make it bigger so people will want to travel 40 minutes by car to get there instead. Expect that the sheer bigness of the project will turn it into a tourist destination and kick-start the economy of the entire region which will only get bigger with all the urban sprawl.

In Mirabel. Where no one has spent hundreds of millions of dollars on a giant development project only to see it fail.

Well, at least this project is being funded privately by businesses instead of by the government. And it looks like many businesses have already signed up. We’ll see if the project lives up to the hype after it opens in 2009.

6 thoughts on “The Mirabel Mega Mall

  1. wanderer

    It might be 40 mins from Montreal but it’s close to Quebec’s second largest (and probably fastest growing) city: Laval. The demographics are going that way, so this thing will work.

  2. Stefan

    Whats the latest on this project?? I just saw ‘Malls R Us’ , a new anti-mall documentary that was aired at Cinema Policico at oncordia U tonight, and it featured Lac Meribel a lot, that it was a done deal, but with the econmic crash, it isn’t…

    1. Ina Fichman,

      It seems like the project is on hold… for now. The developer, Rubin Stahl, who is featured in our documentary Malls R Us, is rather tenacious… So, I think that it could be revived…

      1. Francisco Gomez

        Ina, Hi
        I tried to find Mr Stahl but I couldn’t , do you know how I could reach him. I really belive in this kind of projects, there are several examples around the word, I think that we have a chance to develop our city but we need to push it. I’ll appreciate your comments. Thanks
        here the comment that I placed today:
        I think that all of us in Montréal and Québec (even the US cities nearest to our border) deserve this kind of projects, we need to boost our economy and improve the develop of our land. somebody knows if the project still go on?, what we can do to push and enhance this kind of projects or there´s nothing to do without the support of the goverment (I couldn’t find official comments)


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