Quebecor’s newsrooms 99.9% separate

Quebecor Media is getting a slap on the wrist from a committee setup to oversee the separation of its newsrooms. They found three instances where the Journal de Québec took photos from TVA, which violates the promise Quebecor made to the CRTC to keep their newsrooms completely separate.

I think the cat’s out of the bag when it comes to merging newsrooms. Quebecor has already combined its online properties into the monster Canoe. They’ll just keep finding ways to consolidate their assets without pissing off the CRTC too much.

Another thing that’s interesting about this situation is that two of the three instances happened while the Journal de Québec was in a labour disruption (which is still going on, by the way). The union might have something to say about that.

1 thoughts on “Quebecor’s newsrooms 99.9% separate

  1. DAVE ID

    Ha ha ha hi hi…. sorry JDM has news? I thought it was a promotion outlet for TVA’s TV shows like Star Academie or something like that.

    Ok ok sorry I’ll cut the sarcasm…


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