Cross-promotion isn’t more important than journalism

Le Devoir (somewhat snobbishly) reminds us why they’re independent in criticizing the idea of “selling news” being more important than fair, objective reporting.

Frankly, I think major media outlets far underestimate the intelligence of their news consumers when they cross-promote between shows on a network or between different media that they own. When Global TV does a story on The Gazette that CBC and CTV don’t touch, we know why. When TVA talks about a story in the Journal de Montréal that morning, we know why. When Radio-Canada reports on what was on Tout le monde en parle the night before, we know why.

These transparently corporate maneuvres overriding solid news judgment only serve to erode confidence in journalists’ objectivity. I think that’s worth a but more than some free advertising.

UPDATE (Oct. 23): TVA gets a slap on the wrist for doing a news story on Le Banquier. I’m actually quite surprised by this, considering how widespread such reporting is. But good for the Quebec press council for pointing it out.

2 thoughts on “Cross-promotion isn’t more important than journalism

  1. Josh

    I think you overestimate the intelligence of the average news consumer. I think a lot of people don’t realize who owns what in most cases (hell, I pay attention to this stuff, and sometimes I have trouble keeping up), and most people aren’t checking more than one source to see if it’s *only* the Globe and Mail that’s doing a series on Canadian Idol or what.


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