The plummeting U.S. dollar, which is causing almost every other currency in the world to post record gains in comparison, has finally raised our collective penis size our dollar value past the $1.06 mark, hitting a 130-year high. Essentially our dollar has the highest value compared to our neighbours than it’s ever had in modern history.

Which just gives me yet another excuse to post this graphic:

Suck it, Greenback!

I just don’t get tired of it.

3 thoughts on “$1.06

  1. Warren Wilansky

    Something is afoot. I don’t know what it is, or what exactly it means just yet but this big of a swing from the status quo means that something strange or unexpected it brewing. I’m not trying to be a conspiracist, but when an event occurs every 130-years, there is some historical issue to look into much deeper. I’m thinking at least the r-word, i hope the d-word doesn’t come up.


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