Le Devoir numbers improving

Le Devoir ejaculates the news today that it’s the only major Montreal newspaper whose readership has gone up this year, according to the Audit Bureau of Circulations. Its weekday readership is up 2.4% and Saturday readers up 0.1%.

It takes the opportunity to make fun of The Gazette, whose Saturday subscriptions have gone down 4.3% in just one year.

Good for you, Devoir. But maybe you shouldn’t be too arrogant about your subscription numbers, especially since your readership is fourth out of four daily newspapers in the city (sixth out of six if you include Metro and 24 Heures).

UPDATE (Nov. 13): A similar piece from the Toronto Sun, whose numbers are also up. Notice how it’s the papers who are improving who publish stories about circulation numbers?

One thought on “Le Devoir numbers improving

  1. DAVE ID

    LOL I wouldn’t count Metro and 24 Heures. Most of it’s distribution ends up as litter bedding for the hamsters that ride the metro and is just just copy-pasted crap from the web.

    And after the dirty trick it tried to pull on Marois, The Gazette deserves a kick in the nads. I don’t like the PQ, in fact, I hate them, I wouldn’t vote for them with a gun to my head, but pulling that house thing wasn’t journalism, that was ideological bias.


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