Kicking a reporter out: Good for journalism?

Québec solidaire kicked out a Canoe reporter from a Quebec City meeting on Sunday. The reason was simple: the reporter was replacing locked-out Journal de Québec workers, and because QS is all crazy-leftist and such, they’re not about to accept a scab.

But is that an acceptable reason for kicking a journalist out of an open political meeting? Where do you draw the line between legitimate interference and scary Stephen Harper-style cherrypicking of reporters?

1 thoughts on “Kicking a reporter out: Good for journalism?

  1. Josh

    I dunno. What obligations do political parties have to make their meetings and processes and such open to the public? Because if the answer to that is “none”, then it seems to me QS has every right to kick whoever they like out of their meetings, for whatever reason they like.

    It’s definitely dumb (don’t you want stories in the newspaper if you’re QS? even if they’re unfavourable?), but wrong? I don’t think so.


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