Violence is funny

I know it’s wrong to make fun of victims of violence, but:

  • We’re just now getting around to compensating store owners after the post-Stanley Cup riots in Montreal. The riots where we won the Stanley Cup. In 1993. Fourteen years ago.
  • Joe Clark was punched in the face for no apparent reason on Sherbrooke street last month, giving him a bloody nose.
  • A Union Station street meat vendor got badly burned after he lost consciousness and his clothes caught fire. The headline for this story on the Edmonton Sun website was, for a brief time, “Toronto hotdog vendor roasted.”

Can’t we laugh, just a little bit? Please?

2 thoughts on “Violence is funny

  1. Ian

    Joe Clark got clocked? That’s not funny, it’s just bizarre.
    Even more bizarre that it didn’t receive more coverage… could you imagine if this happened to a former US president? Which is not to say that I think Canada should be more like the US, at all, maybe I should just count my blessings and laugh it off.


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