Car-wreck TV

Car accident on live TV (via Le blogue CanoĆ«)This video is a clip of what would otherwise be a very boring unnecessarily-live stand-up about an intersection that is apparently prone to car accidents, except a collision occurs while they’re live. Talk about great timing.But what interests me isn’t the crazy coincidence, it’s the way the station acted about it.

The reporter, to his credit, quickly stops his reporting and goes to check up on the drivers of the two vehicles, who emerge without major injuries.

The station and its two anchors, meanwhile, instead of switching to another story and coming back to this one later, decide to ad-lib for a full minute telling us everything we could very obviously see for ourselves, in the most patronizingly condescending way imaginable:

Fortunately Ben, it looks like they’re ok. We’ve got the one person in the back pickup truck there, got out, and the person is moving in the van there and getting out.

The door’s opening, yes.

The door’s opening, so they look like they’re ok.

Live TV.

Live TV, yeah.

I don’t know if that’s a condition of the intersection like Ben was talking about, or sometimes people get distracted by the live shot and all the activity going on there. Both the drivers have gotten out of their vehicles. Again, the driver in the left hand black pickup truck there got out immediately. He’s walked out of frame. The driver, there you see in the red T-shirt has gotten out and is flexing his leg, he looks like he’s OK too. Don’t think any other vehicles are involved although there was one up ahead they’re thinking that the black pickup truck just missed.

That shakes you up. People are shook up and they’ll be a little sore tomorrow I’m sure.

It was a car accident. Not a bombing.

UPDATE (Dec. 12): Cartoons say things better than long rant posts sometimes.

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