Karla Homolka found… again

Where in the world is Karla Homolka?

The winner of this round of Where is Karla Homolka Now? goes to TVA, for their EXCLUSIVE report that she’s trying to make a new life for herself in the Antilles.

Did I mention it was an EXCLUSIVE report? An EXCLUSIVE special report, even? Because this report has special EXCLUSIVITY written all over it. EXCLUSIVITATION is what it’s all about. EXCLUSIVELY.

The “reporteurs d’un rĂ©seau anglophone” they EXCLUSIVELY speak of (God forbid they should name another media outlet in their EXCLUSIVE report) is Global Quebec’s Domenic Fazioli, who EXCLUSIVELY tracked her down to an East-end apartment in July 2006.

But that doesn’t make TVA’s report any less EXCLUSIVE.

UPDATE: Both CanWest News Service and Canadian Press have put out wire stories that rewrite what TVA reported, even though TVA doesn’t provide a source for their report and nobody can verify any new information about her.

27 thoughts on “Karla Homolka found… again

  1. BW-not my real name

    I befriend Karla on the net,and know a lot about her.
    I can’t say that I am surprised that she has moved to the

    She was fearful for her safety,and didn’t enjoy living in Quebec.

    This move is good,at least her son will have more of a normal life.

    Karla not only gets a fresh start,but I’m sure she’s excited to work on her tan.

    I know this was not an easy move for her.
    Her parents were very close to her,despite her being partially responsible for the death of her sister.

    I wish Karla well.

  2. BW-not my real name

    On a second note,I choose to keep my identity a secret,because I have been harassed for corresponding with

  3. Wanderer

    I befriended Karla at badminton lessons. She tells me she was going to run for the school board elections but that it would cut into her hang gliding schedule. Please don’t hate me for knowing this! I must not be persecuted for my knowledge!

  4. BW-not my real name

    Make fun of Karla if you will “Wanderer”,but she’s obviously someone who people have a keen interest in.

    And why shouldn’t she be having fun in the Caribbean???

    Like it or not,she has served her time,and has a legal right to do as she pleases.

    For the sake of her son,I hope my friend Karla is left alone.
    Why should her son have to suffer for her crimes???

    No one is saying Karla is an angel,but she is still human.

    She has thoughts,feelings,and fears just like you and me.

  5. Wanderer

    ..err maybe she has thoughts like you…but leave me out of this comparison please. Nice to know there are groupies for all types of folk out there.

    PM me if you want to trade a Karla card for a John Wayne Gacy card.

  6. BW-not my real name

    “Wanderer”,you have an interest in Karla as well,or you wouldn’t have left a comment on this page.

    Like it or not,Karla has served her time.

    I am not a Karla “groupie”,I am only stating the facts.

    Karla’s move not only benefited her and her son,but it gave a bit more closure to the parents of her victims.

    Nothing will ever justify her crimes,that goes without saying.

    But at least she will get the privacy her and her son deserve.Her son deserves to live a normal life.

    Why should her son suffer for her crimes???

  7. Rebeca

    Let Karla and her baby burn.

    Society let this woman walk? She’s human you say? Of course, a walking disease in which pollutes the earth for the rest of us.

    “BW” A friend of Karla? Go burn with them, pure trash at work I see.

  8. BW-not my real name

    Critisize me if you will for befriending Karla,but there is no reason to wish ill harm onto an innocent child.

    Shame on you.

  9. Ann

    I am also from the Caribbean and am sick to think this woman could be living in my home country. The doctors may say she’s not a threat to anyone but I don’t fully beleive that a woman who did something so evil is no longer a threat if the right circumstances presented itself.

    Further, I do not believe her child should be threatened but I don’t have a problem with her being threatened. She never shown remorse or concern for her victims even years after – she is only concerned with living her life and not concerned about what she did to others or took away from others.

    I believe her whereabouts should be made very public just as if it would if she were a pedophile to warn the people she is going to live amongst and to keep the authorities aware of where she is.

  10. Eye for an eye

    An eye for an eye…she killed innocent children. With only her selfish needs and wants in mind. She should be treated to the exact punishment that her victims were, EVERY last moment that those girls suffered at the hands of Paul and herself needs to be inflicted on these heartless criminals and her child should be taken away from her he’s not safe.

  11. marybobvila

    She will never live a free life. She will be hunted forever. I don’t see any way that baby can grow up “normal.” He will find out someday what his mother did. Can you just imagine a 13-year old finding that out!!! Wow.

  12. Country-Soul

    I think her where abouts should be known to the public.
    She is one very dangerous predator and she will attack again. Thats a fact….!!!

  13. M.

    Eye For An Eye,

    So what you’re saying is that you’re as sick and misogynist and f—-d up as her and her ex husband?

    This woman should have spent the remainder of her wretched life within a cell but if you think she should be raped to endure what her victims went through then you’re as sociopathic as she is and ought to get locked up as well.

  14. anti-karla

    I think it was incredibly selfish of her to have a child, knowing the life he will be subjected to with her as a mother…but then, that is Karla, isn’t it…selfish.

  15. tina

    I agree with Eye for a eye. The woman should suffer the same fate as her victims, but, at a slower pace, so she will feel every agony inflicted on her. The woman is pure evil!

  16. Mom of 5

    I haven’t had faith in our justice system since they made that deal with Homolka! Paul Bernardo is a sick sick man but had a partner in crime so to say and Karla Homolka was it!
    I think that poor innocent baby will suffer his mothers sins…..I wouldn’t put it past that crazy bitch to have used some frozen sperm of Bernardo’s to father the kid! Son of the Devils or son of one devil that kid is cursed!

  17. maddin

    First of all anyone saying they are her friend is an idiot becuase if those were ur two chidlren she killed you would feel quite different. and why in the world would u want to be firneds with someone who killed and did the horrible things she did …i do not know aobu tu but those are not qualities i look for in a “friend” she is just as guilty as him and becuase of our crappy canadian legal system she somehow got away with murder oh wow she served her time um those girls are never coming back and she has the nerve to say she is working on her tan she should have been sterlized why should she be given the priveledge to bring a child in to the world when she took multiple lives away? our legal system is a joke. i would be ashamed of urself for sayung u “befriended her” and wow she kills multiple ppl tortured others and gets to live in the caribbean there is candaian justice for you…the sad thing is if some person killed her they would spend more time in jail then she did …when i was little we were terrified to get taken of the street and scared ansd those poor families should never have had their children taken. obv if think of that phony excuse she sserved her time u clearly do not have children and u also are a moron…i could go opn and on cuase it just sickens me how ppl piuty her and forget the innocent girls who lsot their lives in the most disgusting way but i leave it with this… if your mother, sister, brothers, children anyone were killed would u still be writing on her and befirending the killer and thinknig its okay that they served a minimal sentence and now r living it up in the caribbean??!

  18. roco

    well see the positive side is: it’is easer to get rid of her in the caribean than here, if some one (like the vicitms parents) really wanted to get rid of that monster, it sould be much easier to do that in the caribean……totally fare,,is not revenge. In the US they give u an injection for much less than what she did….and is legal,..so in this case the person providing the injection would be just a regular citizen. Injecting 10 ml of regular ethilic alcohol would do the trick , the autopsy report would show, “cardiac arrest due to alcohol poisoning” in other words she drank too much whisky……….of course u fly with a stop in Mexico to advantage your moves…..

  19. Anonymous

    The sins of the father (or mother) are visited unto the seventh generation. I wonder if there is any truth in this. Karma?

  20. gillian

    i think anyone who thinks this lady deserves a secound chance at life is a dumb fucking idiot ….honestly she MURDERED and RAPED her SISTER ,I’m honestly worried about her son ..sexual abuse?? yeah pretty big thing ..she should never and i mean never be aloud to have a child ..take care of a child or be with anyone under the age of 20 …she’s an unstable person…. you all can’t say she’s paid her time she’s lied alot and you know what she got prosecuted for what she told them theres alot more shit she did that the police are not aware of I’m sure of it ..and the her supposed boyfriend or maybe hubby now yeah GROSE you touching a woman that hand her hands on young children does it feel good knowing your fucking a child rapist ..ewwww i hope you catch something and die …as for you miss KARLA yeah KARLA miss I’m so scared people are going to hurt me i moved away …ok if anything we should be scared your going to go after our children ..honeslty do you have any respect for the families you’ve hurt ..do you have any idea how much their hurting knowing you havea child after you took theirs ..your an ignorant piece of shit ..i hope your never happy and i hope you remmember every day that you killed your own sister aswell as two other beautiful girls that didn’t get their chance to shine upon life thanks to you…you can’t say you were scared you can’t say you were helpless you weren’t you had a choice and you fucked up royaly your a dirty slut that shouldn’t be giving the time of day ….

  21. corinna

    As someone from St. Catharines, the only reason she got 12 years was because Paul’s lawyer hid the tapes of the crimes until after her plea bargain was granted. She would be doing life as well if they had seen those tapes before hand. Did you also know that she has not apologized to one of those families yet? I would have been terrified to leave jail if I were her. I’m surprised/impressed she’s still alive.

  22. Anthony

    I know for a fact that Luka Magnotta and Karla Homolka are BOTH living in the Bahamas together and have a son. Luka and Karla have pics together

  23. DJ

    Karla, I hope you read this! You are one sick individual! Paul (The Scarborough Rapist) never killed to my knowledge, mamed, or tortured until he met you! Not to say Paul is an angel by any stretch but what you did in comparison was night & day! You are very lucky to be somewhat free. How does it feel to be the hunted? It’s really just a matter of time before someone, somewhere gets you when you least expect it. Have fun looking over your shoulder for the rest of your life you sadistic B!tch ! I know that if any of the girls were my daughters I wouldn’t give it a second thought to hunt you down! Just think, like I said when you least expect it……. ENJOY !

  24. annonymous

    Karla was and probably still is, sick and sadistic, just like Paul, it’s a shame that she only served 12 years, she should still be rotting in jail for her crimes- anybody who believes otherwise is not in their right minds- she does not deserve friends, or her freedom- she was directly or indirectly responsible for the deaths of three young children, one of whom was her own sister- the fact that she has never shown any remorse or apoligized to the Mahaffey or French families is example of the pyschopath she truly is…let us not be fooled by a wolf in sheeps clothing ever again!!!!!!

  25. Frances

    I couldn’t agree more with the idea that she should have to register as a sex offender. If someone chooses to hunt her down and kill her, then that’s just the way things go. That person will have to pay the consequences of their actions. (unlike Karla, might I add.) Canadian tax dollars are continuing to be wasted to harbor Karla. It is appalling that the government is choosing to protect her! Who was there to protect Kristen French , Leslie Mahaffy, and Tammy Homolka!?! And why hasn’t Paul’s lawyer been charged with withholding evidence!?! Her deal should’ve been thrown out the window because she BLATANTLY lied about her involvement in the crimes! The Canadian courts dropped the ball in a major way in this case.

  26. Kate

    It is not fair that Karla is free and has the opportunity to have a child and raise that child and have a family. The girls whose lives she took will never have that opportunity, and neither should she…

  27. totallyshocked

    Just watched the documentary, Wicked Attractions, about Karla and Paul’s crimes. It was so shocking. I agree with the poster who said, once they determined she had lied, the deal should have been off since the deal was based on what the believed were the facts. She will have to look over her shoulder for the rest of her life, and like Jeffrey Dahlmer, who was murdered in prison, I do believe her fate has to be that of what they both inflicted upon the innocent children they stalked, tortured, raped and killed. My God, she should be in prison for the rest of her life. If she was, I could find some mercy for her knowing that she is paying for her crimes. But she is free, physically, but mentally she is imprisoned which can be just as bad as being in prison, we can only hope. And don’t worry, her suffering has not even begun yet. Karma will deal with Karla in her next life. She will be punished, it is inevitable and I just take comfort knowing that she suffers mental anguish and is haunted by her vicious crimes. I do believe she will die a violent death, if not suicide or be institutionalized for insanity. One way or another, I see her suffering mentally and after her death, she will have to answer to God, and this is where she will be in an unenviable position. The child will be OK with its father.

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