Don’t act in competing TV series in Quebec

La Presse reports that Louis Morissette, who stars in Radio-Canada’s C.A., was scrubbed from a list of potential actors for the upcoming season of TVA’s Lance et compte, even before he could audition for a part.

The reason is simple: The two shows air at the same time, opposite each other.

I’ve always found it cute when I could see one person on two different channels at the same time, for whatever reason. But I hadn’t considered the idea that the network would care so much about it.

1 thoughts on “Don’t act in competing TV series in Quebec

  1. nicolas cossette

    hum… its more about the fact that he made fun of Pierre Karl Peladeau, Quebecor s CEO in the past


    quote : En avril 2004, TVA l’a congédié de son poste d’animateur de Pour le meilleur et pour le pire, avant même que la première émission ne soit tournée.

    L’ordre serait venu directement du patron de Quebecor. Pierre Karl Péladeau se serait ainsi vengé du sketch Séraphin Péladeau, un homme et ses péchés…


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