Editor and Publisher aren’t scooping anyone

Editor and Publisher has a short article (via J-Source) about The Gazette’s Green Report Card, in which the newspaper looks at its own environmental impact and comes up with some sobering results (they use a lot of paper). E&P calls it “groundbreaking,” which makes me wonder what took them so long: the report was published in April.

I realize magazines have long lead times between writing and publishing, but this is kind of silly.

Anyway, the report is still worth reading, if only for its surprisingly honest self-assessment.

2 thoughts on “Editor and Publisher aren’t scooping anyone

  1. Jack Ruttan

    I don’t think it’s a bad idea to write about these things. What about the daily metro papers, and the bags full of flyers we get every week? It’s depressing thinking about those when you’re putting in your new energy-saving lights.


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