Bell Canada, our Do Not Call overlords

Bell Canada has been awarded the contract to manage Canada’s anti-telemarketing Do Not Call list.

Because when you think “customer service” and “convenience,” the name “Bell Canada” inevitably comes to mind.

No doubt the Bell Canada-run Do Not Call list will be fast, efficient, error-free and in no way a nightmare for thousands of Canadians stuck in customer service hell.

Oh, and the reason Bell won the contract? It was the only bidder.

Can you feel the irony biting you in the ass?

7 thoughts on “Bell Canada, our Do Not Call overlords

  1. Joel Klebanoff

    You want irony? I don’t know about you, but, for me, one of the most frequent and annoying telemarketers are those calling on behalf of Bell — usually trying to convince me to subscribe to Bell’s high speed Internet, but sometimes trying to convince me to subscribe to add-on phone services.

    A few weeks ago I finally got so upset that I told the telemarketer that if I got one more telemarketing call from Bell, not only would Bell not sell me any additional services, but I would switch my home phone to another carrier. The telemarketer promised to put me on Bell’s internal do not call list.

    A couple of weeks later a Bell telemarketer called again trying to sell me Bell’s high speed Internet service. I gave them one more chance. Then I went to Bell’s Web site and used the online customer disservice chat facility to tell Bell about my experience. The customer disservice representative promised again to put me on Bell’s internal do not call list and added “don’t worry.” I responded, “I’m not worried, there are other local phone carriers these days.”

    The next day, THE VERY NEXT DAY, I got a telemarketing call from Bell, this time trying to get me to switch my long distance services back to Bell. It takes about 15 business days to get your local phone line switched to another carrier, but sometime in early January I will no longer be a Bell customer.

    And these are the people who are going to be running the national do not call list? Give me a break!

    1. Patricia M McGee

      I know just how Mr. Klebanoff feels. I do not use Bell but have had the same problem. For the past 2 months, I have repeatedly asked them to remove my number from their call list.
      From now on I’m just going to demand that their service should be free or ask how much they will pay me to use it.

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  3. Douh H

    Do Not Call List 2008

    This works for the Cancun Vacation Group
    and the Macys group

    Have not got off the USA telmarketing phone list yet.
    One way is to

    Go thru the whole presentation
    when the ask for your creditcard number give them your phone number first
    and request to be tken on their list or each time they call I would go thru
    the whole presenttion each time.

    You only have to do this twice and you have pissed them off and they do not call back

    Some times it take a little wasted time
    then you get satisfaction

  4. john

    LOL wow the thats not why they didn’t call you back wow you realy wasted your time on that one they don’t call back because they you a 3party compoany that sends people the recording that asks you to press 1 when you press 1 they send the call to who ever they are contracted to

  5. Susan

    What really gets me is the USA can call canada any time and try to sell you things like you have WON a TRIP to I just got now. The is outrages. I’m getting sick and tiered of it..the lady told me to get in touch with the DO NO CALL LIST in the USA and she said if anyone calls you again from USA it will cost them 10,000 Fine. There has to be away to protect us Canadians..


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