4 thoughts on “CBC 2007 news quiz

  1. Kate M.

    I didn’t post so much to brag about my result as to snipe at the lameness of not having a script to acknowledge as much: “Try again or find out the correct answers” isn’t what you say to someone who’s scored 100%.

  2. Christelle

    That test is wayyyyy too easy :P

    I just did it quickly and got: 19/20…

    Only hesitated on 19… Thought about Watson, but put Refus… :P

    If you’ve watched a bit of news in 2007 it’s easy to answer. :)

  3. blork

    I got 18 out of 20. I messed up on the drug that Geneviève Jeanson admitted taking, and since I know even less than I care about any professional sports, I didn’t know what position Anthony Calvillo played (although I was aware of the story).

  4. N. Syed

    I got 17/20, but I must say this was easy! The questions that threw me off was the question on which drug, the singer (19), and where the imam was deported to.


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