Wikipedia flame wars make good news filler

Janice Tibbetts of CanWest News Service has discovered the Wikipedia war between inclusionists and deletionists.

My favourite quote:

“…I started to see a sharp, sharp turn in what people considered newsworthy or inclusion-worthy…”

No kidding.

Even though I can’t find anything actually new about this story (no doubt it’s another banked holiday feature), and I haven’t been active on Wikipedia for a while, I’ll add a brief comment:

I’m not sure what camp I’m in. I think it’s funny that there are things like lists of Stephen Colbert’s Words and other pop culture minutiae. But when every article about some aspect of pop culture has a section that denotes what Simpsons or Family Guy episode references it, things are getting out of hand.

A limit has to be set, and sadly we’re still debating where to put that line.

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