Rock et tous les oreilles


I guess RBO’s Bye-Bye show was a success, considering the sheer number of articles written about the subject, on everything from its ratings (2.4 million people watched it) and the price of its ads to its use of makeup to Hérouxville’s reaction to being made fun of.

Even the Oscars don’t get this kind of coverage.

Maybe they should schedule them during the holidays.

UPDATE (Jan. 17): My God, they’re still talking about it. Three million viewers, plus another million and a half the next day on the repeat. CBC would kill for those numbers.

2 thoughts on “Rock et tous les oreilles

  1. DAVE ID

    The skit on Herouxville was hilarious. RBO, though not my favorite, never hold back on critiquing Quebec. Too little see it as a looking glass though.

  2. Frank

    Pretty abysmal offering by Quebec e-media for such a festive night. Rad-Can has RBO where the comedy is one of typical denigration (is there any other type of comedy in Quebec?): TVA aired a friggin’ 1970’s NY’s Eve rerun of La Soirée Canadienne; Télé-QC had some lame film and the english outlets fared no better. Would it kill any of them to point a camera at the outside parties going on in Montreal?

    Fortunately there’s ABC with the Times’ Square mass gathering. While I dislike Seacrest and poor Dick Clark should be in a salad bowl somewhere, seeing people having fun even if freezing their keesters off livens up a place.

    On this note: Happy New Year to all =)


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