SOS Ticket expanding its ethically-questionable services

S.O.S. Ticket, the service setup by former Montreal police officer Alfredo Munioz to help people defend traffic tickets, has launched a new service. For 50 cents per message, drivers can subscribe to a radar trap alert service, which will notify them by text message when and where police officers are checking people for speeding.

The service says they find this out through the use of “road agents” (spies) who look around for them and report them.

Aside from the inherent problems essentially keeping track of every police car in the city and every SQ vehicle on the highway, there are serious ethical implications as well. Defending people in court is one thing. Helping them to (essentially) avoid police while committing a road infraction seems a bit more serious.

Not to mention that it encourages people to speed.

5 thoughts on “SOS Ticket expanding its ethically-questionable services

  1. lefty

    i saw a young woman texting while driving the other day. not sitting in traffic mind you, but traveling at speed. scariest thing i’ve seen in ages.

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    1. william

      so why is monticket better then sos ticket? Just wondering cause i think that sos ticket sucks too. i paid them twice to help me and they didnt do much. The first case was a stop sign, which i ended up paying the ticket and the second case is still delayed tell sept 2011, i was thinking of changing to another service similar to sos ticket. My friends are always saying that you just pay 50 bucks a point,does monticket work like that? Thanks


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