Montreal Geography Trivia No. 8

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There is a single traffic light in the City of Montreal where it is permitted to turn right on red (after making a complete stop, of course, following the code routière). But 75% of the time, this issue is moot.

Where is this traffic light, and why isn’t it an issue most of the time?

UPDATE (Jan. 16): The answer is at the corner of Jacques-Bizard Blvd. and Cherrier St.

Jacques Bizard and Cherrier

This intersection, just on the other side of the Jacques-Bizard bridge, is the only traffic light that’s inside the city (part of the Ile-Bizard/Ste-Geneviève borough) that’s not on the island (other islands like St. Helen’s Island don’t have enough traffic to justify a light, and Nuns’ Island has some philosophical objection to the idea of one). And since the right-turn-on-red exception is for the island of Montreal (and there are no signs specifically prohibiting right turns on red here), right turns are allowed.

But the issue is mostly moot, because for three of those directions there are short-cuts that avoid the light. Only traffic headed west on Cherrier turning north onto Jacques-Bizard would find this information useful.

Map: Jacques-Bizard and Cherrier

Of course, if you lived on Île Bizard, you’d know this already. You’re reminded of it each time you cross the only bridge off the island:

No rights on red on the island of Montreal

12 thoughts on “Montreal Geography Trivia No. 8

  1. Fagstein Post author

    Sadly a bit too wild. The Jacques-Cartier bridge doesn’t have traffic lights. And turning right onto René Lévesque from the Guy St. exit on a red light will get you a ticket if a cop is nearby.

  2. N. Syed

    Sorry I didn’t finish that off… You can turn on a red light legally off the Guy st exit only because there’s another arrow that turns green for all who are turning right.

  3. Fagstein Post author

    That’s a green light, not a red. Quebec’s right-turn-on-red law (and, for that matter, similar laws elsewhere) specifically excludes situations where a right-turn green light is given.

  4. Denis Canuel

    My guess is that it’s on one of those tiny islands around Montreal or on some federally owned area like bridges, airports or military bases. Perhaps federal legislation applies there? Just a guess and in that case, it would apply to more locations so my reasoning is flawed but what the heck…

  5. Mike

    Ile Bizard, because right turns are only not allowed on montreal island. Its not on montreal island, but still part of montreal.

  6. Chris Erb

    I feel like I remember hearing once that Nun’s Island has a single set of traffic lights and they’re the only set where you can turn right on red. I might just be pulling that out of my ass though.

  7. HCD

    Nice quiz!

    My guess: Victoria bridge when boats are crossing through the seaway. Or maybe when the train is crossing. Or maybe when the boats are crossing the tracks, or some combination of boats, trains and automobiles.


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