Kahnawake Gaming Commission on both sides of slaps on the wrist

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission, which takes advantage of lenient gambling rules on the reserve and access to a fat Internet backbone to host a gazillion online casinos, has been blacklisted denied whitelisting in the U.K. for undisclosed reasons. That means their casinos and poker sites (which represent over half of all such sites in the world) won’t be able to advertise there legally. Naturally, the commission isn’t pleased, throwing out some bullshit about indigenous peoples’ rights.

Tristan Péloquin suggests it might have something to do with the Absolute Poker scandal, in which company insiders cheated, checking others’ hidden cards and betting based on that information. The Commission eventually fined the company $500,000 (PDF report) and forced them to pay for surprise audits, among other things. But the commission’s reputation is of an uninterested party sitting on its hands while fraud goes on.

1 thoughts on “Kahnawake Gaming Commission on both sides of slaps on the wrist

  1. Jason Brown

    I think that whole enterprise is a fraud.

    I think that Canadians think that this on line place is regulated by Canadian Law and a real commission and they are duped into thinking that it is a legitimate, regulated business.

    You shouldn’t be able to hide a criminal enterprise behind the Aboriginal Veil.

    Where are these businesses actually registered? If the Kahnawake has issued permits for operation are they in Canada, are they subject to Canadian Taxes, is it actually legal?

    There is so much contradictory information that I really don’t understand the issue at its essence; is it legal in Canada?

    Why does one commission hold so many permits, is it simply quantity over quality?

    How are so many sites operated by the Aboriginals monitored. What is to say that the same thing isn’t going on at all the sites at one time or another. Six weeks here six weeks there. Are all of their sites under scrutiny now?

    Quite frankly I think they have a scheme happening on Ultimate Bet. I have never seen in my thirty years of gambling the kinds of things that I saw time and time again. Virtually impossible odds. Random Number Generated my ass!

    Furthermore I think that the Pro’s like Annie Duke, and Hellmuth that get paid big bucks to promote these sites and lend legitimacy to the sites should take some responsibility to ensure that they are indeed legitimate.

    Mostly, I resent them for using Canada as a front and their status as First Nations to defraud people. I think that it tarnishes our reputation and diminishes the Honour of the People of the First Nations.


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