One thought on “When 90% just isn’t good enough

  1. JEan Valegens

    Much as I agree with you that businesses should speak French; the incentive is not FOR SPEAKING FRENCH but rather TO HELP DEFRAY THE COSTS of companies with UNDER 50 employees to ‘Frenchify’ their exempt-from-Bill101-business.

    From the relevant article:
    ‘Pour favoriser le français comme langue d’usage au travail, le vice-président du Parti québécois, François Rebello, propose d’accorder des crédits d’impôts aux entreprises de moins de 50 employés QUI ACCEPTERAIENT DE SE FRANCISER.’

    It might look dumb but Insurance companies do the same thing with ‘Good Driver Discounts’. As anglos resent ‘repressive’ methods… Mr. Rebello is proposing a carrot instead of a stick.


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