2 thoughts on “Yes Virginia, there is racial profiling

  1. DAVE ID

    Ticketed for leaning on a wall? That’s just harrassement.

    I remember calling 911 because rednecks (yes in Montreal, who knew) literally assaulted this black kid who was just walking by and I witnessed the whole thing. When I told the story to the 911 call taker, all the call taker asked “how many blacks are they?”

  2. Michael

    For every case like this, there’s several more that never see the light of day. I’ve spoken to a couple of my black co-workers who live in Pierrefonds and was shocked to hear their treatment by police. One of them said that “courtesy stops” by police are common and the other got in shit for driving a car that had a similar description to a stolen one (they didn’t bother running the plates first).


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