Quebec Press Council wants to know what’s wrong with the media

Jealous, I would guess, of the immense success of the Bouchard-Taylor Commission on reasonable accommodation (and how it neatly solved the problem of cultural differences), the Quebec Press Council has announced it is going on a Quebec-wide tour of the regions to get people’s opinions on the state of the news media in Quebec.

The consultation document (PDF, surprisingly an English version was available) suggests the main points are the usual media hot-button issues: media consolidation, the quality of local news reporting, and what’s up with this whole “Internet” thing.

They stop in Montreal March 27. (Full schedule PDF)

Rather than wait until they’re finished, I’ll save them some time and go straight to the conclusions:

  • Big media doesn’t cover local issues in the regions and all the news comes from Montreal
  • Too many media outlets are owned by too few companies
  • TV news doesn’t do journalism well
  • Radio doesn’t do journalism at all
  • We need to save TQS
  • We need to get rid of TQS
  • Big media have an irrational bias against Israel and in favour of Palestinian homicide bombers
  • Big media have an irrational bias against Palestine and in favour of the murderous Israeli military occupation
  • Big media refuse to expose the truth about (insert nonsense conspiracy theory here)
  • The media are too sensationa… hey did you hear about that story in the Journal?
  • The news is filled with fluff. Journalists don’t focus on important issues like … umm … I don’t know, I spend most of my time on
  • The paper didn’t print my 45,000-word letter to the editor explaining the sociological implications of fonts used on instruction manual cover pages in South Africa
  • Only bloggers provide accurate news coverage
  • Bloggers are stupid and incoherent

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