Want to hear me practice my French?

I’ve just been booked as a phone-in interview for Rythme FM’s morning show tomorrow at 8am (105.7 FM). They want me to talk about my recently-updated map of Quebec’s overpasses.

Those of you willing to wake up early enough to listen to it will not only listen to my embarrassingly awful French being broadcasted to a huge audience, but that same awful French made awfuler by the fact that I’ll be low on sleep.

Anyone have a message for Patrice l’Écuyer?


  • Mom: “Your dad wants to know what radio station it is.”
  • Me: “105.7 Rythme FM.”
  • Dad: “Jim FM?”
  • Me: “No. Rythme FM. Rhythm. 105.7”
  • Dad: “What are the call letters?”
  • Me: “I don’t know. They don’t use them.”
  • Mom: “He doesn’t know. It’s Rim FM. R-I-M.”
  • Me: “NO! RYTHME FM. R-Y-T-H-M-E!”
  • Mom: “Oh. Rythme FM.”
  • Dad: “What are the call letters? It’s C-something.”
  • Me (Googling): “CFGL.”
  • Mom: “CFGL.”
  • Dad: “Ahh! CFGL! Why didn’t he just say so?”

My dad’s a devout CHOM listener. The remaining stations he knows only by their callsign.

Let’s hope the station understands me better through my cellphone.

UPDATE (After the interview): Here’s a rush recording of the interview from my not-designed-for-broadcast digital recorder. I’ll replace it with a better version later: .mp3, .ogg

4 thoughts on “Want to hear me practice my French?

  1. Mama Fagstein

    Hey Junior!!! Please don’t make us look like idiots. I have spread the news on the family party-line. Good Luck.

  2. Tim

    I just had a flashback to grade school, listening to the school bus driver’s radio (becuase we were still too young to sit in the cool back seats) and hearing their sing-song callsign, “FM 96, C-J-F-M!!!” Only in my early twenties did I associate that memory with modern-day Mix 96.

    En tous cas, je te dis merde! Break a leg!

  3. marylou

    Fagstein, you are gaining notoriety. People are now going to flock to your blog. Congratulations. I understood most of your French although you might want to improve your pronunciation a little bit. I cracked up when you said that you lived downtown, close to the metro and that you didn’t drive ….so the overpass mess didn’t affect you too much. You were speechless when they said that your blog had been discussed in a French newspaper, in France! I guess you learned about it from Rythme FM. Not being a regular listener of this station, I must say that I enjoyed it this morning and I will try to wrench myself away from CKAC Sports from time to time.
    Anyway, thanks for that overpass map report. I hope that Transports Québec have also noted your blog. They might learn something. As for myself, I won’t leave home without it!



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