6 thoughts on “Montreal Geography Trivia No. 10

  1. Eric

    This is École secondaire Joseph-François-Perrault in St. Michel. I thought you would have posted the the picture upside down or something to throw us off, but this one was easy to spot in Google Earth with the “Roads” layer turned on.

  2. Tim

    Congrats Eric for your quick response. I would have had to go verify the name, but I was thinking of exactly the same place. I know it from STM bus maps when looking to go northeast from St-Michel metro. Better luck next week!

  3. Eric

    If you do a really hard one you should give the answer as a new post. If the question is too hard and no one knows the answer it kind of gets forgotten as new posts are added and the trivia gets bumped down to the next page and eventually forgotten.

  4. Livio

    Great Parc….follow the corners of the octagon…they lead to 4 smaller parc’s….2 of which do not exist anymore ( one is the Metro, the other , I think used to sit where the mcDonalds took hold in the early 70’s )


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