6 thoughts on “Death sells

  1. princess iveylocks

    I remember that ad! Boy, was that unsettling alongside a wall of Alesse and various arts posters!

    Are you working Super Bowl Day, galley minion? If so: Pats 7, Giants 3. So far, so good.

  2. lefty

    Personal ‘favourite’ are the child burn victims. always creepy. But as DaveID implies, they feel the need to push the envelope every year. Better yet, get more creative to earn those fat adman paychecks. Look at how effective the catholic church series was a few years ago (hostie, tabarnac etc).

  3. Tim

    I like the St. Joseph’s Oratory ads (“Perdus ?” showing the location on a subway map when in the metro, on a street map when at street level). Eye catching, meaningful (tells you where it is), cute play on words.

    Regarding these cancer and cystic fibrosis posters, after a while I find myself ignoring the message and just concentrating on the creep-out factor. Now I just don’t like the groups putting out these posters for making me feel so bad/creeped-out/down/sick. Probably not the connection they were trying to make with the public.


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