Montreal Geography Trivia No. 11

You wanted hard. You got it.

Name these 5-way and 6-way intersections on the island:

1. 5-way intersection No. 1

2. 5-way intersection No. 2

3. 5-way intersection No. 3

4. 5-way intersection No. 4

5. 5-way intersection No. 5

6. 5-way intersection No. 6

7. 5-way intersection No. 7

8. 5-way intersection No. 8

UPDATE: Answers below:

  1. Jean-Talon St., Côte des Neiges Rd., Laird Blvd., Clare Rd. in Mount-Royal/Côte-des-Neiges
  2. Jean-Talon St./Dresden Ave., Rockland Rd., Graham Blvd., Fleet St. in Mount-Royal
  3. St. Denis St., Gilford St., Villeneuve St. in Plateau Mont-Royal
  4. St. Jacques St., St. Antoine St., De Courcelle St. in St. Henri
  5. Airlie St., Newman Blvd., Lafleur Ave. in LaSalle
  6. 55th Ave., 56th Ave., Victoria St., Sherbrooke St., Bouchard Blvd. in Lachine
  7. Westminster Ave., Easton Ave., Avon Rd., Brynmor Ave. in Montreal West
  8. Sherbrooke St., Rachel St., Pie IX Blvd. in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve

8 thoughts on “Montreal Geography Trivia No. 11

  1. Marc-O

    got 5 so far.

    1. Cotes-des-Neiges Jean-Talon Laird
    2. Graham Jean-Talon Rockland
    3.Gilford St-Denis Villeneuve
    5. Newman Airlie Lafleur
    8. Sherbrooke Rachel Pie-IX

    There are so many others I found too, but not in this list.

  2. lefty

    !!!!!!!!!!Warning SPOILERS!!!!!!

    Steve, wow. By far the coolest hunt yet, thanks!
    Bonus points if anyone can name the statue in the ‘park’ in pic 4. :)

    1 – TMR, JeanTalon / Cote des Neiges
    2 – TMR, JeanTalon / Rockland
    3 – Plateau, St-Denis / Gilford
    4 – St-Henri, St-Antoine/St-Jacques/De Courcelle
    5 – Lasalle, Arlie/Newman/Lafleur
    6 – Lachine, 55e/Victoria
    7 – MoWest, Easton/Avon/Brynmor
    8 – Montreal, Sherbrooke/Pie 9

  3. lefty

    Shows how small this island really is…pics 1&2 are on the way to the mother-in-laws. I lived near 3 for a few years. 4 is currently about 10 blocks from where I’m typing this comment. 7 is on my ‘shortcut’ around 20-west rush hour traffic. I think 6 is the only one I’ve never driven through. gotta change that, what’s good to see in Lachine?


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