3 thoughts on “I wonder how the infidel imperialist Senators are doing

  1. Michael

    Taken from the article:
    “During the Commons hearing, however, Brig.-Gen. Atkinson suggested that insurgents were also manipulating U.S. and Canadian news media. He agreed with Conservative MP Cheryl Gallant that part of the call for Canadian troops to leave Afghanistan was the result of a successful communications war being waged by the Taliban and that the Canadian public was falling for that ploy.”

    Makes it sound like jack Layton is in bed with the terrorists as well.

  2. Alston

    If girls trying out for boys’ teams is allowed because it is a human rights issue, then they need to allow boys to try out for girls teams if they want to. Not that they necessarily would want to, but if it were to happen, they must allow this.


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