Flashmob freeze planned for Saturday

Inspired by Improv Everywhere’s freezing-in-Grand-Central prank, as well as the group’s new worldwide social networking site (whose Montreal subgroup now has 50 members), it looks like the first truly IE-inspired event here might take place this weekend.

The usual caveats apply: It’s being loosely organized by random people, publicized almost entirely through social networks, and with very little notice. It might be wildly successful with hundreds of participants, or there might be three people there who decide it’s not worth it embarrassing themselves alone.

Nevertheless, here’s the skinny:

Saturday, February 23, 5:30pm at Parc Émilie-Gamelin (a.k.a. Berri Square, at Berri and Ste-Catherine, just outside the Ste-Catherine exit to Berri-UQAM). A re-enactment of the Grand Central freeze, in which participants suddenly stop in mid-step (or mid-kiss, mid-puff, mid-fall, etc.) for a few minutes, attracting the curious glares of passers-by.

(Since this would be the first such event for most of the participants, I imagine they won’t be as strict about having people hide their cameras, which means passers-by will quickly conclude it’s some sort of public exhibition.)

For more details, see the Facebook group page or the Improv Everywhere social network forum.

2 thoughts on “Flashmob freeze planned for Saturday

  1. mare

    I hope they don’t plan to freeze in the Parc Émilie-Gamelin since there won’t be many people there. Only some bums that are freezing anyway.

    My guess is they’ll just set their watches and then move to another locale, probably the Berri-UQAM station. Not as Grand as Grand Central, but we don’t have any places that grand.

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