Just ask Huey

You know, when I first heard of Jimmy Kimmel’s response to I’m f**king Matt Damon, I figured it would be your classic sequel: A slightly more refined copy of the original, trying desperately to recapture that spark but coming just short.

I’ve clearly underestimated Mr. Kimmel. Though some of the lyrics are a bit lame, the video is still epic.

My only complaint: Why not put an unbleeped version online, like NBC did when Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg’s Dick in a Box went uber-popular online?

2 thoughts on “Just ask Huey

  1. mare

    This is sooo not funny.

    The song beeps.
    Faking you’re gay is not very funny.
    And just lining up large quantities of famous people don’t make bad things instantly great.

    I’d never heard of Jimmy Kimmel before I saw the Sara & Matt video but that song has serious hit potential. I kept singing it at least a few days afterwards. Too bad it will never make the charts.

    I’m surprised Sara really is befriended with Jimmy Kimmel since she obviously has much better taste. Hell, even I’d beep her, and I’m gay. O well, strike that.


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