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As part of Matt Forsythe‘s citizen journalism class at Concordia University, students are being asked to create their own niche blogs.

Though most are very basic (after all, they’re beginners), this has greatly boosted the size of the Montreal anglo blogosphere, which is good because I’m running out of blogs to profile.

Here are a few of the blogs that seem pretty interesting, and we hope they continue to grow:

6 thoughts on “Welcome to the blogosphere

  1. James Lawlor

    Hello fellow bloggers.

    I would like to announce that I also have a blog talking about public transit in Montreal.


    Only 2 posts so far… Please be gentle – I’m only a beginner..
    This blog will look at the more technical aspects – I am an engineer after all.

    Thank you and happy blogging!!

  2. Fred

    All right.
    I’ll bite.

    How exactly do you define a Montreal blog? Subject matter on Montreal? Blogger lives in Montreal? Not to belittle any of these school-required blogs, but reading about TV and looking at pilfered pictures from the Oscars doesn’t really scream “Montreal!” to me. But it does to you.

    I see exactly 9 profiles in your “Montreal blogosphere” category. I read more than 9 (anglo)Montreal-based blogs on a regular basis – none of which you have profiled, and all with rich content.

    How about defining exactly what you consider to be a Montreal blog, and perhaps people will write in with suggestions?

  3. Fagstein Post author

    From an earlier post about what blogs I profile for The Gazette:

    * Authored by a Montrealer or Montrealers, or about Montreal in some way (by Montreal I refer to the greater metropolitan area, including the West Island and nearby shores)
    * Updates often (at least once a week)
    * General audience (meaning not someone’s LiveJournal recounting their daily minutiae and friend dramas)
    * Unique in some way (interesting to read, interesting to write about)
    * Not one I (or somebody else) has already written about (search this blog’s archives for mentions)

    Some of the blogs I’ve linked to above don’t quite fit in with all that. They don’t update often or they’re too general to be interesting. But the hope is that they’ll improve. These are students, after all.

    I also will tend to profile anglophone blogs over francophone ones, simply because my audience is English-speaking people. But I have talked about some French ones that are truly special.

    I’ve actually profiled 28 blogs so far, I simply haven’t updated my blogosphere section with most of them because I’m lazy. One of these days I’ll get to that.

    I’m always open to suggestions. I have about 300 locally-produced blogs in my feed reader, so most suggestions I get are already on my list, but every now and then someone throws a new one my way.

  4. Tristan

    Firstly thanks for linking me I dig your blog and stuff. So yeah my blog is mostly reviews of shitty bars, cheap booze, places to drink publicly, and general advice on how to have a skeevy good time in Montreal. I’m not from MTL so maybe I’m not an expert, but I can’t write about something if I don’t at least feel as though I know what I’m talking about.
    My stuff is cut up into categories on the side; blog class is what I mentioned above, Newswriting is just that, and Dope is anything else that doesn’t fit into the other two categories. I don’t post viral videos and I don’t link random sites unless they’re absolutely amazing. I’m all about developing my own content, expect it to be 75% Montreal related. I don’t blog about myself unless I’m being awesome.
    I’m working on some feature content including the publishing of my long term love affair with the term “spyder”, dumb cars, and an interview with a really funny murder witness.


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