School roofs are safe… no, wait

Hey, remember yesterday when school boards were reassuring everyone that its schools’ roofs had been inspected and were perfectly safe?

Funny story: The EMSB CSDM evacuated its schools today because of fears their roofs might collapse.

(Note: An earlier version of this post — and I suspect also the article I linked to — said the EMSB evacuated schools. In fact, it’s the Commission scolaire de Montréal that did so. That board wasn’t reassuring people yesterday that their schools were safe, though most of the others were)

2 thoughts on “School roofs are safe… no, wait

  1. wolfa

    The article you linked to says that the CSDM evacuated their schools, and sent their kids to safer places, including EMSB schools. The EMSB schools were not closed (though events being held there this weekend are off).


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