STM testing metro door chime

Starting this week, the STM is testing a new audio signal that will accompany the closing of metro doors. The beep, which you hear in other cities like Toronto, is mostly useful for blind passengers who can’t see when the doors close (and may not hear it quite as well).

They’re looking for feedback about the sound before they begin installing it on all trains.

7 thoughts on “STM testing metro door chime

  1. BruB

    While i’m here, does anyone know if I could find a audio file of the Orange Line metro departing chime?
    I’d like to make it my Windows startup sound, seriously!

  2. ptoone

    For BruB:
    The departing chime of the Metro’s orange line come from the first three notes to “Fanfare for a Common Man”, the theme song to the 1976 Olympic games.

  3. Alissa

    I’ve heard the beeping door every so often for quite a while now. It’s almost like encountering the Jeumont, but less exciting. :p


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