Who got the Facebook scoop?

I was all excited when I saw a post from TQS’s Jean-Michel Vanasse praising a rival network’s coverage. Finally, I thought, we’re starting to see the pointless war between networks start to mellow.

Unfortunately, he was being sarcastic. Pointing out that a recent EXCLUSIVE SPECIAL REPORT OMG from another network (he doesn’t name it, and a quick search doesn’t find it online it’s TVA’s J.E., and the video is online) copies one he did in October.

The amazingly important issue? That lots of Facebook users will accept people they don’t know as friends.

I know. Get that Pulitzer engraving pen ready, folks.

What’s hilarious about all this is that Vanasse himself was scooped by Jean-RenĂ© Dufort’s Infoman, who set up a profile for a wanted murderer and got politicians and celebrities to befriend him a month earlier.

Not only did the Infoman report come out before the others, it’s a whole lot funnier and more interesting.

2 thoughts on “Who got the Facebook scoop?

  1. JM Vanasse

    This is not about who get what in first… By the way, I never say I have a scoop. This is just an investigation on Facebook… The point is that JE done exactly the same thing that I have done in octobre. Like I said on my blog, it’s really important to expose the danger of Facebook.

    Also, as always, Infoman was really funny !!

    Have a nice week!



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