Bus schedules formatted for cellphones

Here’s an interesting little website: busmob.com. It scrapes the STM’s website for bus departure times and reformats them in an easy-to-read-on-mobile-phones page.

It’s not perfect (it doesn’t do holidays and other special situations, for example), and in many cases it’s probably easier to call the AUTOBUS number and get the automated voice to tell you departure times. But if for some reason the STM’s website is too cumbersome for your cell, this site might just be useful for you.

UPDATE: And here’s a website that acts as a Google Maps frontend for the STM’s Tous Azimuts service.

5 thoughts on “Bus schedules formatted for cellphones

  1. silhouette

    Actually, accessing the stm site via a cell phone is not so bad. The only downside is that if a a bus doesn’t come at a specific bus time, it isn’t shown as crossed out or anything on the phone. You’d need to see that online.

  2. Karine

    Have you ever tried to use STM’s trip planner? It does work, once you a. find it and b. figure out how to input the data required. I’ve used the one for London UK’s public transit, Calgary and NYC/New Jersey and they were far more user friendly than our own…

  3. jesara

    Vancouver’s transit system does that. You text your bus stop code to a number, and it texts you back schedules.

    I still have yet to figure out how to use the number to find the schedules in Montreal. I’ve tried a couple times, but without success.


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