Attention: Un feu dans l’autobus nous oblige à … run for your lives!


Bus on fire

The text, in case you can’t read it:

COOLING IT  Montreal Transit Corp. crew and a city firefighter check a 211 bus that caught fire outside the Lionel Groulx métro station yesterday. The fire was caused by mechanical problems, police said, and no one was hurt.

Death trap? What death trap?

(As I mentioned to a concerned fellow traveller yesterday, nobody is seriously injured in these kinds of fires, since they take a while to get this intense and the buses are pretty well designed to be able to get everyone out quickly. Still, spontaneous combustion is a concern.)

9 thoughts on “Attention: Un feu dans l’autobus nous oblige à … run for your lives!

  1. James Lawlor

    Does anyone know which year this low floor bus was built?

    Was it one of the first generation unreliable ones or a more recent version?

    The STM bus numbering code that is visible on the outside of the bus is XX-YYY. The XX is the year and the YYY is a sequence code.

    The most recent buses are numbered 28-YYY which means they have been built (or delivered) in 2008. The oldest low floor buses are 17-YYY which means they were delivered in 1997.

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  4. Chimaira

    Novabus is doing a great job with these buses. OUR concern (novabus) is the way STM workers , work on our buses. Of course they do all the maintenance on the bus, what we found out was frightning. STM mechanics removed a cover from a hose that WOULD have prevented it from splashing on the exhaust (turbo / exhaust lines) if it broke. Well here my friends is the result of that cover being removed from that hose.

    They removed it to make their job easier on maintaining the buses. We often here about Novabus being the bad guy, thats because the STM is fast on jumping on TV to cover their asses. I hear theres a rumor of STM looking for buses on contract maybe… that would cause a lot less crying of the STM mechanics… since they’ll be out of a job! lol

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