Tremblay breaks the law

Here’s one of those you-be-the-editor moments.

On Saturday, mayor Gérald Tremblay went out for a photo op to show off the city’s new pothole-fixing technique. Basically, it involves repaving a thin layer of asphalt across a large surface instead of just filling the hole itself. It’s supposed to last four years and make everyone happy.

The photo op involved Tremblay sitting atop a repaving machine and driving it for a couple of feet while journalists take pictures.

In jest, reporter Max Harrold apparently asked Tremblay if he had a license to operate a heavy vehicle like this. Tremblay, with a basic Class 5 license, does not. So technically, he was driving illegally.

That little bit didn’t make it into the story published on Sunday next to the photo.

Should it have? Is it an important piece of information, or is it just pointless trivia that won’t make any difference in anyone’s life?

4 thoughts on “Tremblay breaks the law

  1. Tim

    Within the context of the story, no, as it’s of no consequence.

    The question is then does it have the merit of a news story on its own. Still I say no, there’s more important matters to tackle. Unless, of course, you just want to do some general shit disturbing. I wonder if the Journal would be interested in the scoop…

  2. BruB

    I actually like Tremblay vs the loud mouth Labontée et really, not making any favorite here.

    But Tremblay was doing what politician do best, look good for the camera when they can. So him driving was just a kodak moment, no difference then a journalist trying it so he can talk about it. In other word, no news there.

  3. Eric

    So? I don’t have a pilots license, but I have been in a cockpit, I don’t have a motorcycle license but I drove one in a parking lot.

    The real question that should have been asked is How many months after the top layer is removed will the new pavement be added? or, Why don’t we just build the road properly in the first place? Personally, i would have liked it if he was asked why he is such a douche.


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