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After six years of failed contract negotiations, CUPFA, the Concordia University Part-Time Faculty Association, has instituted “rotating strikes” which sound more like “picketing between classes”. Among their demands are pay equity with full-time teachers (represented by another bargaining unit, CUFA) as well as basic job security, if only so that students don’t see “TBA” listed as their professors for upcoming courses.

Concordia University has declared that the show must go on though they will tolerate CUPFA’s tactics. Students must still complete all work, handing it in to departments directly if necessary.

Part of CUPFA’s tactics include setting up a YouTube channel and posting videos.

Here, head honcho Maria Peluso explains the skinny on CUPFA’s position.

One thought on “CUPFA using YouTube

  1. Dr. David Leahy

    Could you please correct the misinformation about CUPFA seeking pay equity with Full-Time Faculty? We want, and are actually entitled to it under our existing collective agreement, parity with part-time faculty at Université de Montréal. However, Con U’s Admin currently wants to offer us less than that.

    Otherwise, thanks for sharing info. about what’s happening (or not happening, depending upon one’s perspective or level of exasperation.


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