Hey hey hey goodbye indeed

Some might decry this as a lack of class, but really Canadiens fans deserved this after Boston beat us in overtime yesterday: Bruins fans heckling Habs fans in the bathroom at [Corporate name here] Garden in Boston, singing “you’re gay, you’re gay, you’re gay, you’re-gay-you’re-gay-you’re-gay”

2 thoughts on “Hey hey hey goodbye indeed

  1. A gay guy

    ‘deserved this’? to be shouted at that they are gay? you’re implying that’s an insult… I don’t think you are showing a lot of respect for the 10% of the population that are actually gay. For the kids at school who are discovering their homosexuality, how do you think it feels to be hearing all the time the word gay as an insult? No wonder why the rate of suicide among gay teens is higher than the normal rate. Think about that please next time you are endorsing that kind of insult.

  2. Fagstein Post author

    I should clarify: I think they deserve the spirit, i.e. heckling. The homophobic nature of the insult is juvenile and stupid, and entirely consistent with what you’d expect from Bruins fans.


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