4 thoughts on “Montreal Geography Trivia No. 20

  1. Christopher DeWolf

    Since I have other things I should be doing, it’s the perfect time to do this.

    1) St. Paul East
    2) Prince Arthur near Laval
    3) Old Pine/Park interchange
    4) Laval Street
    5) Poster wall at Prince Arthur/Coloniale
    6) Place Jacques-Cartier
    7) René-Lévesque Blvd. near Sanguinet
    8) Porte cochère on St. Paul East
    9) Same
    10) Some sidestreet in Old Montreal… Saint-François-Xavier?
    11) Sun Yat Sen Park
    12) Chinatown north gate on the Main
    13) Le Royer in Old Montreal
    14) Somewhere nearby…
    15) UQAM science building
    16) Place des Arts metro
    17) Square Victoria metro?
    18) St. Jacques near St. Pierre
    19) René-Lévesque near Beaver Hall Hill
    20) Somewhere near St. Paul in Old Montreal
    21) Place Jacques Cartier
    22) St. Vincent, Old MTL
    23) Bleury/Dowd (Southam Bldg.)
    23) Payphones at Prince Arthur/Laval
    24) North Chinatown gate again
    25) Hôtel Dieu
    26) Champ de Mars/City Hall
    27) Place Jacques Cartier again
    28) Building on the rue des Récollets
    29) La Gauchetière, Chinatown
    30) Laval Street again
    31) St. Jacques at St. Pierre
    32) René Lévesque at Jeanne Mance
    33) Desjardins Complex

    Ugh. I hate myself.


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