Suburban border security

This prison-style gate between Pierrefonds and Kirkland makes the Great Wall of Acadie Blvd. look tame by comparison.

This is because of vandalism. People spraying graffiti and stuff.

Look, Kirkland, I know us Pierrefonds scum may scare you a bit, but we’re not all serial back-alley rapists. Perhaps you should tackle your vandalism problem in a less draconian fashion?

2 thoughts on “Suburban border security

  1. protogenes

    Kirkland has never completely recovered from the fact that a majority of its buildings were built in the 1970’s and are therefore in constant danger of collapse.

    Its only reason d’être is you must drive through it to get to anywhere really important.

  2. J

    I can’t believe I haven’t come across this until now.. I actually live on the Kirkland side a few houses down and don’t get me wrong, was very upset and complained about it when it went up. I just felt I should mention that from what I heard, a main problem was teenagers (from both sides) who would get drunk and toss bottles at the houses directly adjacent to the path. In my opinion, they could still do that, but it does limit their relative seclusion and obscurity and so is more or less successful (And no, I am not some middle-aged man complaining about the rowdy youngsters.). That said, I used to use that path a lot for busses and stuff and am not pleased to be limited in which hours I can and cannot take the shortcut walk home. I just wish there was another way. On a side note, they also did that to a small walking path between houses on the other side of the road towards the bike path for the same reasons, except that one is permanent. That pissed me off too.


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