8 thoughts on “Our sympathies

  1. Josh

    Re: the mascot. I’m on a ridiculously slow computer, so I can only assume that you’re not linking to Monday night’s incredibly lame intro ceremony.

    That is not our mascot. Our mascot is a lion named Spartacat. What happened on Monday night (from the intro right on through) was a travesty that we’re never going to speak of again. I just felt compelled to say that.

  2. Tim

    Now to see if Boston sends us a similar sympathy card.

    “Sorry we händed you your ässes last night.” (umlauts being the best way I can think of to graphically represent the Bostonian äccent without reaching into the IPA)

  3. Omi-san

    After 2 average performances by the Canadiens and tonight’s humiliating defeat, the Habs fans should stop bragging.

  4. Justin

    Hey Fagstein,

    Quit jinxing the Habs with your silly little graphics. At least wait until Les Canadiens have beaten the Bruins before rubbing anyone’s faces in it.

    I’m blaming bad karma on you.

  5. SensFan

    Dear Montreal, we were really looking forward to see you in the playoffs this year, too bad you never made it. Have fun on the links.


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