Think about it

Why does this ad for a “special projects coordinator” for The Suburban’s advertising department have a picture of a woman leaning on something in it?

  1. The woman runs the advertising department at The Suburban
  2. The woman is what a typical advertising salesperson looks like
  3. The woman is a stock image designed to attract the attention of readers
  4. This ad is directed specifically at the woman in the photo, whom they can’t identify or locate by other means
  5. Who cares? She’s hot. Can I get her number if I sell ads for the Suburban?
  6. Holy shit! That’s me!

2 thoughts on “Think about it

  1. Edna

    She is the woman the new hire would be replacing. As you can see, she has just had hip-replacement surgery (you note she’s leaning, plus she keeps her hand protectively over the new hardware), and she can’t hustle like she used to.


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