Metro party Friday night

McGill students are organizing a metro party on Friday evening, meeting at 9pm at the back end of the platform at Henri-Bourassa metro (why they don’t start at Montmorency is a mystery, but whatever). The Facebook page shows 77 “confirmed guests”, which translates to about 15-20 people actually showing up.

The party is similar to metro parties that took place in March, May and October of last year.

4 thoughts on “Metro party Friday night

  1. mare

    If they start at Montmorency their metro pass isn’t valid and they have to pay 2.75 for a single fare.

    Students are poor/cheap/calculating.

  2. Blork

    …or maybe it’s that you have to pay more to start from Montmorency than to start from Henry Bourassa. Something like that. (One way or another, using the new stations costs extra.)

  3. James

    There have been many similar “Circle Line Parties” on the London Underground’s one circular line. With continuous looped service, the party can in theory go on indefinitely, but with lots of free flowing booze they usually wind down after an hour when everyone realises that there aren’t any public toilets on the Tube… :)


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