YAGB: Environment, culture

My evil misunderstood overlords at The Gazette have launched two new blogs this week, bringing its total to 1,425:

Stage and Page, which I have to admit is a kind of catchy title, is the blog of new “culture critic” Pat Donnelly. Formerly the books columnist, she’s taken over Matt Radz’s theatre beat as well, bringing herself to a level of cultural aptitude that simply puts the rest of us to shame.

Green Life, by reporters Monique Beaudin and Michelle Lalonde, is the environment blog, which was launched last Tuesday as part of the whole Earth Day thing. It’s part of a larger “website” devoted to environment issues. There will also be a weekly column on the environment on Mondays (including a big splash in today’s Arts & Life section on reducing your carbon footprint in 12 easy steps). The column will alternate between the two as they teach us new and disgusting ways to make us greener.

(UPDATE – April 30):

Showbiz Chez Nous, by Brendan Kelly, follows the same subject matter as his weekly column: TV and movies in Quebec.

3 thoughts on “YAGB: Environment, culture

  1. Zoey Castelino

    I’m guessing you feel that there are too many blogs at the ol’ Gazoo?

    I think that when a newspaper embraces too many blogs, it loses some ground. Besides, as a writer, I can’t see myself blogging, writing and then blogging at another blog. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a whore when it comes to self-promotion, but sooner or later the well runs dry.

  2. Anonymous

    Yeah, there are too many Gaz blogs. It takes too long to go through the half or so that I have a vague interest in, and then most of them don’t have new posts.

    I like the writing of the Outside the Box blog but I think it should be in the paper, not wasted on a blog that nobody reads (or comments on).


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