STM wants you to vent

On Wednesday evening, the STM is holding a public meeting to show off some planned “improvements” to the public transit network and “discuss” people’s concerns about the system in Montreal.

In other words, let’s get ready to grummmmmblllllllllllle!

The meeting is at the Intercultural Library at 6767 Côte-des-Neiges Road, just across from the cinema near Goyer St. It starts at 7pm and is expected to end at 9.

Expect a lot of discussion about the overall service improvements (despite nagging bus shortages). Also, expect grandma to go on for 20 minutes about how that bus was too full that one time.

3 thoughts on “STM wants you to vent

  1. silhouette

    What the STM reeeally needs to do is make their site more accessible/compatible for cellphone users. Example: times when buses don’t come AREN’T crossed out on the bus schedule site if you’r accessing it via a cell. This needs to be changed I think.

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  3. Shawn

    Can we complain about how metro stations are hotter than a Portuguese rotisserie chicken place during summer?


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