Shaw wants more boring sports channels

Shaw Cable has asked the CRTC for permission to add two new U.S.-based sporting channels to the list of digital cable channels available to Canadian consumers. Because the channels are non-Canadian, they have to show that these channels do not compete with any Canadian-based specialty channel.

The Big Ten Network is a channel that focuses exclusively on U.S. college sports: football, basketball and other sports from Big Ten college athletic conference. Some people might question the need for a TV network devoted exclusively to college sports, but those people would be stupid. Comments on the proposal are due by Friday, May 16.

The Sportsman Channel is devoted to hunting and fishing (so perhaps it would more appropriately be called the Killing Animals For Fun Channel, but I digress). Comments on that proposal are also due by Friday.

Neither channel obviously competes with any Canadian offering.

2 thoughts on “Shaw wants more boring sports channels

  1. princess iveylocks

    I’m surprised no one’s jumped in to trademark the “Clubbing Baby Seals” specialty channel.

  2. Keith

    Well, The Sportsman Channel actually does compete with a Canadian channel, that channel is Wild TV which offers programming on hunting, fishing and environmental issues, I assume related to both hunting and fishing. So, if the decision hasn’t been made as of yet, I wouldn’t expect that channel to get approved.


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