Is the best commercial website in Quebec?

Some consulting firm we’ve never heard of has released its rankings of the top 25 consumer-oriented commercial websites in Quebec. At the top of the list:

  1., which doesn’t work with Safari.
  2., whose address they got wrong, and which opens audio content in strange 1px-by-1px pop-up windows.
  3., which won’t let you me log into electronic banking with Firefox, and whose top-notch security includes such impossible-for-anyone-else-to-guess questions as “what high school did you graduate from?”
  4., which admittedly I haven’t had issues with, even if their cable and Internet service has much room for improvement.
  5., which uses Javascript needlessly, has a badly-designed site map page (the stupid web 2.0 sharing buttons hides some of the text) and shows 0 stores in Montreal with delivery service available.

Of course, when you judge websites through a mathematical formula that suggests quality of a website is directly proportional to the size of the organization running it, this is what you get.

7 thoughts on “Is the best commercial website in Quebec?

  1. BruB

    You’re not totally right on one thing. I uses Firefox on Desjardins without any issue.
    Personnally, Videotron’s website is worthless.

  2. princess iveylocks

    People actually use Safari?

    The security questions we have at work are endless and locked in stone. They feature such ill-thought gems as “Name the street you grew up on” (of the 10+, which one?), “What is your father’s middle name?” (who knows), and “What is your favourite food?” But for banking, I like RBC’s ability to let you choose your own questions.

  3. Nicolas


    You said “, which won’t let you log into electronic banking with Firefox…”

    I’m able to use their online service since forever using any version of Firefox, even 3 beta 2,3,4 and 5

  4. Richard

    I used to have problems with FF; turns out it was one of my extensions (though I don’t remember which one, sorry). Try disabling them one by one, you’ll find the culprit easily that way.


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