Montreal Geography Trivia No. 25

St. Denis + Marcel-Laurin – 23(Papineau) = Decarie

Pie-IX + Chomedey = ?

UPDATE: Yeah, I didn’t think that would take long. The answer is, of course, Sherbrooke.

335 + 117 – 23(19) = 15.

125 + 13 = 138.

3 thoughts on “Montreal Geography Trivia No. 25

  1. Eric

    Sherbrooke Street

    Using provincial highway number designations:

    St. Denis + Marcel-Laurin – 23(Papineau) = 335 + 117 – 23(19) = 15 = Decarie


    Pie-IX + Chomedey = 125 + 13 = 138 = Sherbrooke

  2. Nataly

    why do you think that was easy? took some time to figure it out :-)

    your trivia questions are quite unique and i think you should upload them to online trivia games. there are few sites where you can upload questions and the general public can see them. i think one of them is and i think you need to contact their support team

  3. Eric

    I guess I was a victim of good timing: just as I was switching channels in my brain, I came across the post and it just fit together right away. I’m usually stumped by your trivia questions but they are great fun to try and figure out. Keep them coming!


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