AMT ponders trains to Beauharnois, Marieville, St-Jean-sur-Richelieu

LCN has a video report this week, and the Journal de Chambly had an article in April, about the AMT’s dream plans for new commuter trains. The agency is deep in the planning process for the “Train de l’Est” which would run to Repentigny and Mascouche. But they’re also thinking of trains to Beauharnois (through Chateauguay), St-Jean-sur-Richelieu (via the existing Delson/Candiac line) and Marieville (through St-Lambert on the St-Hilaire line).

These other routes are still in the “I have a dream” stage, but they provide some insight into the minds of planners at the AMT.

The matter was also brought up at the National Assembly in April during a meeting of its transportation and environment committee.

10 thoughts on “AMT ponders trains to Beauharnois, Marieville, St-Jean-sur-Richelieu

  1. Shawn

    This is great. I grew up in the West Island, taking the train from Roxboro for far too many years. Now it looks like they’re building a network that actually has recreational and touristic applications. I’d happily take the train to St Jean sur Richelieu, just for sight seeing.

  2. Fagstein Post author

    It goes along existing rail lines which the AMT could use (though the St-Jean line could go through Brossard and the Victoria Bridge). Again, these are still in the dream stage.

  3. James

    It’s fantastic to see the AMT being so proactive in developing the network: this is the perfect time to garner public and political support for the major investment needed to develop the public transit network.

    However – I have just one caveat… these new lines will be shadows of their potential selves if service is limited to the four-trains-in / four-trains-out commuter service of some lines. All day service in and out of the city and one late night return service will broaden the appeal of the train to families, students, young people etc – not just those who live in the suburbs and who commute in for the 9-5 Monday to Friday.

  4. Sean

    The Beauharnois line (and I assume a future extension to Valleyfield) may have a slight problem.

    The 7 km stretch of rail between Adirondack Junction in Kahnawake, just south of the lift bridge over the seaway, and the Robert Street level rail crossing in Chateauguay are no longer there. The at-grade crossing on Highway 138 has been paved flat and signals have been removed.

    The rails were stolen and melted down for scrap iron.

    Apparently, the thieves were pretty blatant about it, and everyone assumed they had authorization to remove the rails, which were not in use.

    But they finally got caught in Chateauguay.

    You can see the end of the stolen section of track at the Robert Street crossing.

  5. Carl

    The planned line from beauharnois through Chateauguay is a verry good idea. The construction of A-30 in the area will bring alot of business, construction and new population. This line is awaited from a while and would be full all the time because we are waiting fot this option. The line is already almost usable just put a train on it, com on !

    1. Alex T.

      The tracks have been removed between Chateauguay and Khanawake.
      Where the tracks exist, they are in very bad condition and haven’t seen a train run on them in over 10 years.
      It’s not as easy as “just put a train on it”.

      1. Carl

        Peut être que les rails sont en mauvais état mais le tracé est encore existant, ce qui est une grande partie du projet. Il n’y aurait donc pas d’expropriation massive nécessaire pour le mettre en service. Il faut absolument un train a Chateauguay, Valleyfield. La région se développe rapidement et avec l’autoroute 30, encore plus. Il faut arrêter de parler d’environnement et il faut agir avec des projets comme celui-ci. Ca nous prendrait un maire comme celui de Laval qui s’est battu pendant longtemps pour avoir le métro.

  6. Mario

    Ce n’est pas avec le dernier maire qu’on aurait eu un train a Châteauguay. Avec les élections qui arrivent peut être qu’on peut espérer du changement. Les villes de la rive-nord ont l’option du train, Candiac, St-constant, st-hilaire, deux montagnes, bientot repentigny, mascouche. Pour Valleyfield, Chateauguay, mercier etc. , on a aucun projet de transport en commun. A long terme c’est une catastrophe. On va étoufer dans le traffic d’ici dix ans. Longueuil et laval on réusssi a prolonger le métro sur leur territoire et ici on ne fait rien pour améliorer la qualité de vie a ce point de vue. En attendant… tout le monde en file indienne au pont mercier.


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