Great Wall of Montreal West goes back up

Just got this update about Broughton Road saying the barricade is back up:

Without any warning and while still in court, Mtl West put them up in the middle of the day. People came home greeted by a security guard and the barricade. Quite military like. Lots of emotion on Hillcrest yesterday. Lachine has not had their appeal read yet (deadline was May 30th, we submitted on time), so Montreal West had no business putting anything up as we are still in court.

For those unfamiliar with the situation, Montreal West put up a barrier on this street leading downhill to Ville-Saint-Pierre (it’s one of only two road links between the two neighbouring but elevationally unequal towns). Lachine protested, then sued, and a judge ruled in Montreal West’s favour. Now it’s in the appeal stage, and Montreal West wasn’t supposed to put up a barrier until the appeal process had been exhausted.

Looks like that’s not the case.

Instead, Montreal West put up three “do not enter” signs marked “emergency exit only” (the fact they used “exit” instead of “entry” says something too) in both directions, and Lachine is taking them to court … again.

4 thoughts on “Great Wall of Montreal West goes back up

  1. Sarah C.-G.

    Let us forget the pending court decision for a moment because I think that will speak for itself.

    After all the studies showing otherwise…what do you mean still a safety issue?
    So, do we Lachiners not care about our children’s safety?
    I’m insulted!

    I haven’t seen groups of children playing outside in this section of MoWest yet you can’t miss them on Hillcrest Avenue. (Royal West students not included. I believe that for them to be safe we will have to wait till a few children get hurt for these MoWest intersections to maybe be looked at…hope the funds have not run out by then!)
    From what it looks like, MoWest’s children have grown up and left the nest as well as the unaffordable, overly taxed and poorly taken care of neighbourhood to look for homes to start families of their own…many of them now living on our streets!
    It seems as though Devils Hill community has more children living and playing on our two (2!) very quiet streets than the large so called affected MoWest area. We love our children and their MoWest school friends too! After Mondays (June 9th, 2008) protest it is clear MoWesters don’t feel the same.

    In the words of my dear neighbour…YOU CAN RUN OVER OUR CHILDREN BUT YOU CANT KEEP US DOWN!!!!!!

    Sarah C.-G.

    P.S. Oh yes! they hit some kids with thir cars & BTW I’m not a mom, just a human being living on Hillcrest Ave & a proud member of its community!

  2. Lisa Kalin

    To the mayor of Montreal west….
    You talk about the saftey of children all over Montreal? You are simply protecting them? Do you know that your barrier is asking School buses to drop kids off on the other side of the barrier? Some parents have children coming in at the same time in two school buses, one bus on one side and the other bus on the other side of your so called safty barrier? Thanx, mayor, for asking the children to walk on their own! Would you want your children to come off the buss alone needing to walk through a barrier that won’t allow the bus to pass? Have you ever visited our community? Have you personally come down to visit what you say is a traffic ridden area? If you did, you would know that there is nothing here other than families and children enjoying a peacfeul life on streets that have no traffic, and never have. If you say you have traffic studies, how do they compare to Lachine’s? What are your numbers? Let’s see those studies already!

  3. Peter Fedun

    Well, there you have it. The traffic numbers don’t add up in favour of the few elitist snobs who simply want to sell their houses at Gated Community prices so their sycophantic Mayor, who was voted in by them, is spewing garbage in the media about safety. Remember this is a Mayor who said, and I translate, “It’s not an inherent right for people to pass through here” in La Presse, March 15, 2007. We live in a City with a population of 3.5 million. How on earth can you make a declaration like that and not expect to be locked up in a rubber room? Do Montreal West residents never drive though other Boroughs or neighbouhoods and if they do what gives them the right? Their sense of Privilege has evidently inflated to megalomaniacal proportions.

    But wait!! There’s more. It was reported on Friday that The City of Montreal settled the drawn out battle with the De-merged Boroughs and that “Demerged suburbs will regain some powers such as responsibility for arterial roads.” CBC News Friday, June 13, 2008 | 11:04 AM ET

    It appears we’re the Collateral Damage to get the deal done with Montreal West, a.k.a. Montreal Waste and that our Borough Mayor, who knows that this fine point has been on the table for some time, has sold us up the river while feigning support.

  4. Anonymous

    what you fail to realize is when the so called non existing traffic was re-routed to your streets you shouted
    “they’re trying to kill our children !”

    that same traffic has to come threw our streets first !

    and I don’t know any elitist snobs on my block…just hard working families.

    and there are no retired couples here , just in the five houses around mine ,I count 17 kids…

    we also have the right to protect our kids…especially from speeding cars and taxis.

    the fact remains , if people could drive like civilized adults, respecting someone elses neighbourhood,we probably wouldn’t have to go threw all this !!!


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