No regrets

The Gazette has taken the leap, putting its heart and reputation on the line in the name of accuracy, and setup a corrections page on its website. It becomes only the second Canwest daily after the National Post to do so. It’s also the first Montreal daily to have a visible, dedicated page for people to find corrections.

Craig Silverman, who has been pushing for such pages on newspaper websites for quite a while on his Regret the Error blog, celebrates by using one of The Gazette’s corrections against it.

4 thoughts on “No regrets

  1. princess iveylocks

    Excellent. Next step, public flagellation. Name them, shame them, tabulate them, and blame them!

  2. Dupuis

    This is a great move by the Gazette. I think there will be a lot of mistakes to correct though, and ideally they should go right in the paper copy.

  3. Edna

    Unfortunately, they’re not headlined with the date, and they all look the same, so keeping up with with oopses isn’t as easy as it might seem. Unless they set up a feed for them …

  4. Josh

    Another thing that would make the page much better: links to the actual articles in question (which, like NY Times web articles) would hopefully have the corrections appended.


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